TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

The C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer employs the Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique in characterizing the thermal conductivity and effusivity of materials. It employs a one-sided, interfacial heat reflectance sensor that applies a momentary constant heat source to the sample. Typically, the measurement pulse is between 1 to 3 seconds. Thermal conductivity and effusivity are measured directly, providing a detailed overview of the heat transfer properties of the sample material.

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How It Works

(1) A known current is applied to the sensor's spiral heating element, providing a small amount of heat.
(2) A guard ring surrounds the primary sensor coil to support a one-dimensional heat transfer into the sample. The applied current results in a rise in temperature at the interface between the sensor and the sample, which induces a change in the voltage drop of the sensor element.
(3) The rate of increase in the sensor voltage is used to determine the thermal properties of the sample. The voltage is factory-calibrated to temperature.  The thermal conductivity is inversely proportional to the rate of increase in the temperature at the point of contact between the sensor and the sample.  The voltage is used as a proxy for temperature and will rise more steeply when lower thermal conductivity materials (e.g. foam) are tested. Conversely, the voltage slope will be flatter for higher thermal conductivity materials (e.g. metal). With the C-Therm TCi, results are reported in real-time making thermal conductivity measurement fast and easy.

Platform Technology with Broad Application

As a solution provider, C-Therm collaborates with researchers and corporations in numerous sectors to address specific challenges. The chart below offers a perspective on the breadth of applications, materials and roles C-Therm's innovative technology can address.

tci thermal conductivity analyzer lcgc labs1 C-Therm's innovative, thermal sensor technology is designed and applied to solve problems in a wide range of areas, including:

tci thermal conductivity analyzer applications
Assessment of thermal characteristics – accurately evaluating the thermal properties of materials, such as insulation or heat dissipating compounds for use in electronics
Accelerating R&D – speeding the development and scale up of products and formulations, such as pharmaceuticals, through rapid testing and real time results
In-process monitoring & control – online effusivity testing as a proxy determinate of quality and consistency of products during production
Material screening – checking incoming raw materials and finished goods for homogeneity
Inspection of inaccessible areas - “looking” through layers of a material or composite to reveal internal characteristics that would otherwise require disassembly or destruction of the sample to access
Service life monitoring – determining and monitoring the service life of critical materials, such as lubricants, to ensure they have not deteriorated beyond the required specifications


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