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What is project management service?

When you want a fully-functioning, sustainable laboratory, the planning and background work that goes into it are crucial. Moreover, clients have their custom requirements, which need a more tailored approach. Proper management of the project ensures the total conviction of the laboratory, along with its perfect finish! And you would like to engage a team of competent, agile, and professional Laboratory Project Management team to oversee and conduct your whole project!

That is why at LCGS LABS, we assure you of topmost satisfaction through our dedicated and detail-oriented project management laboratory setup consultation and services. With prompt strategies and innovative technologies, our project management team ensures an effective plan for your project to coordinate the work effectively. With years of experience and unparalleled expertise, our team would set a favorable completion date while managing the project-specific requirements, manufacturing and construction teams, labor requirements, and other technicalities that your project demands.

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Comprehensive project management services include

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    Every project has unique requirements. That is why our team talks to you through the management process. We understand, assess, and take further steps once we are convinced of your project’s requirements and expectations. Then we select the furniture and fixtures accordingly.

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    Planning & project blueprint

    After assessing your requirements, it is crucial to plan the project before jumping into the process. We implement advanced tech and our experiences to develop a plan that involves all your lab installations and technicalities.

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    MEP, security, & gas distribution system mapping

    MEP is the core of your lab. Our technicians and engineers would devise a plan for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing installations, and the security systems to create a sustainable lab environment for complex tasks and the utmost safety.

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    Once your design and installations are planned, our team works on the completion of your project. Our Project Managers always address your needs and coordinate the process to ensure that the designs turn into reality!

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    Project delivery estimation

    Our management team would coordinate a perfect plan that supports your timelines and ensures your complete satisfaction alongside.

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    Pre-punch list & punch list

    After completing each stage, your Project Manager will inspect the completed works to create a pre-punch list before receiving your final punch list. Thus, the perfection of your project is guaranteed!


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Unparalleled expertise

    No matter how complicated or simple your project is, success is hard to achieve without expertise. At LCGC LABS, we take pride in our expertise that we gained over the years, providing sustainable Project Management solutions to you.

  • Best in class team

    We are a team of professional that believes in execution. We engage a team of agile and adept planners, project managers, consultants, technicians, and engineers, having experience working in all calibers of projects all over India. The capabilities and unique approaches of our team make our work exceptional and commendable.

  • Innovative design

    The design and installation hold the foundation of your lab. We understand that every project is different. We tailor the best plan for you that satisfies your budget and meets your expectations with our expertise.

  • Reliable services

    We have been trusted and reliable to our clients all over India thanks to our sheer dedication and commitment, along with a team that executes what they say!

  • Quality laboratory project managers

    When it comes to your laboratory planning and management, nothing tops over quality and an arranged approach. And our expertise, team, and assurance of innovation ensure that your project turns out to be perfect!

Don’t just trust anyone with your valuable lab and cleanroom projects. Invest your time and money on services that understand your needs! Let’s get started

LCGC LABS are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
Pradeep Joshi