LCGC LABS work benches are designed to ease the day to day use of your mass spectrometer and liquid chromatography, by providing a significant number of features that makes the use of your analytical instrument much easier.

Reduce space requirement by 35% for the mass spectrometer installation, by integrating all system peripherals into a well-designed work bench.
Vacuum pumps positioned on a absorbing vibration system to reduce vibration up to 99%. This intern increases performance and lifetime of turbo molecular pumps inside the mass spectrometer.

lcms workbench1


No Vibration - Leading mass spectrometry instrumentation manufacturers expect their mass spectrometer to be on lab furniture that is vibration free, and state that requirement in their site preparation documents. With our work bench, patented calibrated dampening springs remove 99% of vibration transfer, significantly extending the lifetime of your GC/MS or LC/MS turbo molecular pump

- Suitable for Agilent, Shimadzu, Thermo, Micromass, ABI Sciex, and GenTech Master
- Flexible sizes according to end user requirements, so as to accommodate your mass spectrometer, Peripherals such as computers, waste bottles, rough pumps
- Load bearing capacity of 500Kg
- Mounted on solid lockable casters for easy relocation/maintenance
- Constructed from durable materials including a chemically resistant worktop
- Built-In Double Box Mass spec pump noise reduction system
- Retractable keyboard and mouse drawer
- LCD screen mounting
- Up to two rough pumps the size of Edwards E2M28 can remain in the vacuum pump enclosure, even up to three pumps for the larger mass spectrometers
- Built -in quiet cooling fans force air through the work bench

Options available:

We have several additional options to better serve your needs.
- 3 Drawer Pedestal to store columns, sources, tools, manuals, etc…
- PC (Personal computer) mount to keep PC above the floor and under the lab furniture bench top
- Electrical plug array (under work surface) – twelve (12) 220 V, outlets to simplify connection of chromatograph and peripherals
- Overheat Protection - Overheat alarm provides an audio visual signal if the vacuum pump enclosure overheats

Excellence in Design:

Great care has been taken in the design of our products to ensure they achieve the highest levels of performance while being easy to use and to clean thoroughly. Our workbenches are ideal solutions for use in clean rooms and laboratories.

- Excellent working environment
- Comfortable ergonomic design

A better working environment:

Our workbench improve the environment for mass spec with all the features necessary to make your work easier. Our workbench provide a tailored working environment as well as featuring an vibration isolation platform built in making working with mass spec easier and noise free.

Flexible Solutions:

We offer a range of workbenches to suit different environments. Our workbenches feature a study steel frame with locking swivel caster wheels to protect the workbench from accidental movements during use.

Ergonomic Design:

The ergonomic table design minimizes user stress. Steel frames have optional height adjustable leveling feet, for excellent stability and user comfort with retractable castor feet, frame shelf and monitor support optional.