We are manufacturers and suppliers of fume hoods, which are used for protecting the laboratory from acid fumes. These laboratory fume hoods are provided with support base having provision for air vent connection to evacuate tapped chemical vapor inside. Moreover, these fume hood also have a switch for easy starting of the centrifugal fan.


Standard size: width 1200mm, 1500mm, or 1800mm;
Cabinet: use high quality cold-rolled steel sheet, surface is sprayed by epoxy resin
Inside lining, Air deflector: use 5mm compact chemistry basal plate
Windows: explosion proof tempered glass, can hover at any height
Hing: open type high quality hinge
Handle: stainless steel bright type handle
Light source: explosion proof fluorescent light
Electric power source: multi-function sockets
Sink: pp material special used for lab
Cock: single outlet cock special for lab