Vibrations limit the performance of analytical balance instruments in numerous applications. Thus the need to isolate vibrations to optimize performance has become crucial. We have spent many years developing state-of-the art analytical balance tables, which provide the user with a truly vibration free environment on which the user can place analytical balance instruments. Our products are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to support instruments of varying weights and footprints.

balance table

Our Product Features:

- Low cost, easy to install and free from maintenance
- Ideal for laboratories and clean rooms
- Simple, compact, easy to use, and clean
- Wide range of sizes, options, and accessories
- Built-in isolation area designed for analytical balance
- Removes up to 99 percent of unwanted vertical and horizontal vibrations
- Flush working area around balance for supporting hardware


Our analytical balance tables combine a highly rigid damped table with an excellent vibration isolation system in one unique package.

Our platforms are designed for applications where load does not vary. This includes balance tables, which are designed for light loads where the platform is weighted to give good performance.

Platforms are manufactured in one location using state-of-the-art automated machinery to guarantee high tolerances and consistency while keeping costs low. Our products are assembled by a highly skilled workforce and rigorous quality control is applied throughout the manufacturing process.

Excellence in Design:

Great care has been taken in the design of our products to ensure they achieve the highest levels of performance while being easy to use and to clean thoroughly. Our tables are ideal solutions for use in cleanrooms and laboratories.

- Excellent working environment
- Comfortable ergonomic design

A better working environment:

Platforms and tables improve the environment for analytical balances with all the features necessary to make your work easier. Tables provide a tailored working environment as well as featuring an isolation platform built into the work surface, making working with analytical balances faster and easier, leading to more reliable measurements in your laboratory.

Fig. 1: Settling time of a LCGC LABS analytical balance table (green) compared to a commercially available vibration isolation system (blue), made by one of the major manufacturers of tables and vibration isolated laboratory desks. LCGC LABS analytical balance table provide quick and effective compensation of disturbing vibrations.

fig 1

Fig. 2: Analytical balance table stiffness (green) of LCGC LABS compared to a commercially available vibration isolation system (blue). Due to their higher dynamic stiffness, our tables are less sensitive to direct forces that affect the analytical balance. As a result, LCGC LABS Analytical balance table offer excellent position stability.

fig 2

Flexible Solutions:

We offer a range of tables and platforms to suit different environments and analytical balances performance levels. Tables feature a platform mounted on a study steel frame with height adjustable leveling feet and guards to protect the table from accidental knocks during use.

Ergonomic Design:

The ergonomic table design minimizes user stress. Steel frames have height adjustable leveling feet, for excellent stability and user comfort with retractable castor feet, frame shelf and monitor support optional.


Our analytical balance tables are designed and tested for below type of Analytical Balances with  precision up to 0.01mg.
- A&D
- Fisher Scientific
- Mettler Toledo
- Ohaus
- Radwag
- Sartorius
- Denver Instruments