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Mobile Compactor Storage System

We are one of the prominent suppliers of Mobile Compactor Storage System for office files and documents. Variety of office storage systems such as Compactor Storage System, Mobile compactor storage system, Compactor filing system, Storage Lockers, and Office Filing Cabinet etc.

Excellent design features and high durability. Our products are immensely popular in laboratories, corporate offices, hospitals, and libraries.

Our roller aisle racking mobile compactor storage system can increase storage capacity by as much as 100% throughout a range of working environments. Whether you are storing archive documents, library books, or even office files, a high density mobile storage solution can dramatically transform the efficiency of your storage area. The main advantage of using roller aisle racking compactor system is the large increase in storage capacity it gives when compared to static shelves.

Our roller aisle racking mobile compactor storage systems are built from high quality, commercial grade modular racking components. Because of this, we can offer a wide variety of differently sized units.

The LCGC LABS team have over 10 years of experience in supplying high quality mobile compactor storage solutions. Whatever your requirements, we can install a cost effective storage system to match any business need.


Modular super structure is totally assembled on site from knocked down components. All the components are bolted together to form an integral Unit.

Roller wheel is of cast iron. The casting is precise and the wheel pattern has a larger circumference than the round bar of the track on which it travels. This is to ensure minimal contact between the wheel and track, the entire load falling on a single point, thus causing minimum friction and ensuring effortless movement.

Raw material is treated by acid cleaning, phosphating, water washing etc. by using a seven tank dip process before powder coating.

Powder coating using a good quality powder. High pressure electrostatic spraying with 220 °C baking for 10 minutes makes the powder adhere to the steel surface and provides for a hard scratch resistant finish. The final surface consists of homogenously thick powder coating approximately 70 microns thick.