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LCGC LABS Offers Different Fume Hoods

For those who work in a laboratory, safety is one of the first concerns. In order to have a safe laboratory, there may be a fume hood present to keep the air in the lab breathable.

  • A fume hood offers a ventilation source in the laboratory in order to ensure any airborne gases and chemicals are released.
  • The design of a fume hood allows it to intake the air in the laboratory and either filtrate it and allow it to enter the room again or expel it from the room completely.
  • There are many companies that produce different sizes, strengths and types of fume hoods for laboratories.
  • Many of them have a control so that the operator can turn the fan on low or high, depending on how many possibly hazardous chemicals are in the air.

LCGC LABS manufactures many fume hoods in different sizes, depending on the size of the laboratory and the amount of chemicals that will need to be filtered. The control of the air in the room is taken over by the device in order to filter it and only release clean air into the laboratory. How A Typical Fume Hood Works Often, during testing and researching, lab workers have to use different chemicals or substances that can be dangerous when breathed in. While these lab workers should wear the proper protection and take the proper precautions in order to not inhale these airborne toxins, the addition of a polypropylene fume hood fan in the laboratory may also be in order.

  • The fume hood is set up with a completely open front side.
  • This is the side that is open to the laboratory and the user.
  • This side of the fume hood is the workspace of the lab worker and the air is contaminated on this side of the hood.
  • It is important for the laboratory to have strong airflow so that the air inside the room will make its way into the fume hood to be filtered or expelled.
  • Once the air is drawn into the device, the fume hood fan may expel the contaminated air through a tube to the exterior of the building.
  • Using a control on the device, the lab workers can turn the fume hood fan onto a higher power if there are an extra airborne hazards or a mix of chemicals in the air.

There are many companies that offer a fume hoods in order to ensure the air quality and safety of a laboratory. LCGC LABS is a company that has many industrial size and laboratory sized fume hoods that are powerful enough to keep the air clean and free of airborne toxins.