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LCGC LABS Industrial Workbenches

Can you imagine working on a messy table where you can’t find anything important? Well, messy tables are one of the factors of reducing efficiency. However, the reason why most tables are messy is because of their design. What you truly need is a good industrial workbench – one that lets you organize your files.

Just a tabletop is never enough. You need place for a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, a UPS, a pen stand, a notebook, and plenty of files and folders. For this, a desk needs to come with drawers. At the same time, you would need the right height, so that you can work on the computer comfortably.

So, here’s what LCGC LABS offers you when you’re looking for a good industrial workbench:

Ergonomic Design
By ergonomic, we mean a design that helps you maintain a comfortable posture during work. For a workbench, it is one that has the right height, or even better if it has an adjustable height. We have both!

Another feature that makes a workbench ergonomic is the overall structure that allows you to work smoothly – like a separate drawer for a keyboard, having drawers of the right size to keep important documents at the right place and height.

When we are calling a workbench spacious, it doesn’t just mean a large surface area on the tabletop. It specifically implies having additional space created for storage in the form of drawers and shelves.

Clutter mostly happens when we don’t have enough space to keep our papers. The computer cannot shift. However, your documents are mobile and can stay inside drawers when you’re not using them. Having a shelf can also help you keep other stuff like spare stationery or printer ink.

Now having “light-weight” items are in these days, but when it comes to furniture, it needs to be heavy. More particularly, a workbench that holds your computer, so many important documents, and also takes the weight of your hand when you write something on it, you need it to be sturdy.

Consider the fact that you have a little accident with your workbench. Ideally, the workbench shouldn’t shake even a millimeter. That is the sturdiness that only heavy desks can have. A lightweight table can just fall and hurt someone’s feet. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

Now, this applies to any piece of furniture. You invest in these things once in 10 years (at least). You work on your workbench for at least 7-8 hours a day and 5-6 days a week. However, you should be used to having one desk for long – no scratches on the tabletop, no broken channels or shelves, and no broken edges.

Other things that also matter is that the surface shouldn’t be sensitive to water, tea, or coffee that you drink while you’re working. The surface should be easy to clean and maintain. These small things also count to the durability of a workbench.

So, the key to efficiency is a well-designed industrial workbench. One that lets you organize your work, maintain a healthy posture at work, and doesn’t get affected by a cup of coffee making a ring on the surface or by your chair banging with the edge.

If you need a better understanding of what we’re trying to say, check out these designs and tell us how great would it be to have an industrial workbench like that.