At LCGC LABS, we equip the most up-to-date laminar flow technology in providing the standard protection required for your highest operational efficacy. Our laminar airflow clean benches are powered by an ultra-efficient motor and customized according to your specifications. Our HEPA filters also provide an ISO Class 3 hygiene with a Class 100 air quality in the premises.

LCGC LABS offers our customers all the necessary customizations and features they require as per their respective industries!



We design and install completely self-enclosed, efficient, noise and vibration-free Laminar Airflow Cabinets and Benches with 99% accurate HEPA filter for 0.3 microns particles. The ergonomic design with a Class 100 air purity creates the best environment for sensitive functions.

A pre-filter removes the maximum of the large particles with the air entering it, and the HEPA filters uniformly distribute unidirectional air throughout the establishment. The uniform airflow velocity of approximately 90 feet per minute ensures the best conditions for industrial-grade operations and equipment.

Types of Laminar Airflow Cabinet
  1. Horizontal Laminar Air Flow
  2. Vertical Laminar Air Flow
Main Benefits
  • ISO Class 3 hygiene with class 100 air quality
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Uniform airflow
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic design
Main Features
  • Microprocessor control for the safety instructions
  • Stainless steel surface ensures hygiene, containment, and chemical resistance even in case of accidents
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reusable pre-filters for the first level of cleanliness
  • HEPA filters ensuring Class 100 air quality with an ISO Class 5 cleanliness
  • Changeable protective HEPA screen for easy maintenance
  • Tested airflow benches according to ISO standards
  • Cleanroom hygiene compatible
  • Cross-contamination free benches
  • Uniform and adjustable air velocity within a range of 90 to 130 FPM (0.66 m/s)
  • 35 to 0.795-inch pressure drop limit

Horizontal Laminar Air Fow

Vertical Laminar Air Flow