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Laboratory Sink

Sinks are permanently installed components of laboratory furniture and placed against the service spine or a wall. Sinks can be combined with several types of worktop materials in many versions.

Usage Instruction



Installation Option

Top-mounted basins have a surrounding raised rim that is larger than the worktop cutout. They are fitted with the rim resting on the worktop.

Built-in basins are set into the worktop. The worktop cutout required for this is larger than the basin size. The basin rim is joined flush with the worktop after installation. Built-in basins do not have a raised rim.

Welded-in basins are welded seamlessly into the worktop. These basins do not have a raised rim. Welded-in basins are only available in polypropylene (PP) and stainless steel. They can only be combined with worktops made of the same material.

Underslung basins are fastened underneath the worktop. The worktop cutout is smaller than the size of the basin, so the worktop extends over the rim of the basin. Underslung basins do not have a raised rim.

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  Laboratory Cabinet / Tall Cabinet


Laboratory Cabinet For Storing Acids and Alkalis

Usage Instruction: For storing limited amounts of flammable acids and alkalis Not suitable for storing flammable liquids, gas cylinders and self-igniting or self-decomposing substances. We market and service several best global brands for storage cabinet in India, This give our end user choice in highly safe and quality flammable Chemicals storage cabinets:


Balance Table

 Balance benches are special-purpose benches, either stand-alone or as part of a bench layout, for vibration-free   weighing of extremely small quantities.


The cabinets can be equipped according to your requirements with drawers, pull-outs or hinged doors and associated shelves.