Medical Research Facility Design Aiding Groundbreaking Research!

Just like any other disciple, the Medical Industry also thrives based on its research and studies. And Medical Research Facilities play a crucial role in aiding the groundbreaking researches that bought medical science to its prime! So, while setting up your Medical Research Center, you would want to make sure no stones remain unturned. And this is where LCGC LABS pitch in!

At LCGC LABS, we aspire to exceed your expectations in every case possible. From the planning through designing to the medical research facility HVAC requirements and MEP installations, we offer top-notch quality and assurance of your satisfaction. Whether you need a well-equipped laboratory or controlled cleanroom, we will take care of all your requirements.


We provide the following services in developing your medical research facility floor plan and installations.

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    Understanding a project thoroughly is the foundation of any successful project. That is why we emphasize what your laboratory requires and work accordingly. From the design to assembly, we prepare for every step with our work-oriented expertise in developing your medical research facility and installations.

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    Inspection and Planning

    Once the initial consultation is done, we are to proceed towards planning the project. The caliber of the installations, along with their arrangement in the space, needs to be determined for advancing with the project.

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    Budget and Estimating

    You may have a question like how much does it cost to start a medical research facility? And we got you covered! A crucial factor for any project is its budget and estimation of the requirements. With our expert team, you can rest assured of the most comprehensive budget compatible with your plan.

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    Design and Drawings

    After the planning and budget estimation are done, visualizing the project is the key. After deciding on the requirements, it is time to finalize the designs and draw the layouts simultaneously.

  • installation

    Your installations determine the technicalities your lab can handle. The medical facility furniture and equipment design rely highly on the installations. And we will handle your installations according to the final layout! Be it the MEP or HVAC system, we got you covered!

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    Project Management

    Now, what brings the real difference in any project, is its management! That is why LCGC LABS is here with the most competent team of laboratory project managers to make your plans turn into reality. With our Project Management Strategies, you will see a furnished, well-equipped lab exceeding your expectations!


We provide top-notch Cleanroom and Laboratory Turnkey Services exceeding all your expectations!

  • Exceptional Expertise and Quality!

    At LCGC LABS, we take pride in our work-oriented experience and expertise. With over ten years of quality work delivery, we work to ensure top-quality work completion no matter the caliber and complexity of your projects.

  • Cutting Edge technology!

    Along with our proficient team, our success is due to the integration of pioneering technologies. We offer state-of-the-art technology in planning and installing the required tasks.

  • High Adaptability!

    Different projects have different requirements. From the extent of installations and placements to budget, our team can significantly adapt to your needs and devise a suitable plan catering to your demands.

  • On-time Delivery!

    We understand that you may have a tight schedule to kick off your project. And that is why we work according to your timelines and deliver flawless laboratories just on time.

Invest your time and money on expertise that counts! Contact us!


Transform your laboratory and cleanrooms relying on 3 factors!

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    Technological Advancement

    Never rely on dated technologies when it comes to facilitating your laboratories. Rely on our team to keep your laboratory and cleanrooms up-to-date.

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    Adaptive Installations

    Involve efficient installations that can adapt quickly to your changing requirements.

  • maintenance
    Regular Maintenance

    For a long-term functional laboratory, Proper Maintenance is the key. Schedule your maintenance checks at regular intervals with us.


Our Laboratory and Cleanroom Turnkey Expertise

LCGC LABS works in perfect coordination of innovative technologies and efficient methodologies. Our extensive work experience enables us to envision your project and meet the requirements most proficiently. We aspire to boost your operational efficiency, keeping you on top of your competition!

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