Industrial Exhaust Systems

At LCGC LABS, we design, manufacture, and supply Industrial Exhaust Systems Systems compatible with your operational requirements. Our team specializes in setting up your Exhaust System for Industrial Settings, Industrial Ventilator Systems, Industrial Exhaust Systems, and Commercial Exhaust Systems. Our head office is in Hyderabad, and we offer our services all over India!
We understand the level of toxicity the air around an industrial area may have alongside flammable substances. This negatively affects both the worker’s health and industrial equipment. And only highly efficient Industrial Exhaust Systems can confide with the situation.

Our experts design and install customized and affordable exhaust systems suitable for your scale of operations. Our Industrial Exhaust Systems comply with any standards specific to your works. We thrive to offer you clean, hygienic, and secure working environment with industrial-grade air filtration, ventilation, oxygen replenishment, and air volume control alongside effective temperature and humidity control!

Components of Industrial Exhaust Systems :

Fan and Blower Unit:

Fan blower units are vital in any industrial exhaust system. Unhealthy air is blown, circulated, and ventilated through the unit. The fan and blower unit efficiently provides general, heavy-duty ventilation in industrial settings.

Uniqueness :

Technical Features :

Variables ;Specifications
Power ;5HP
Wheel ;diameter ;343 ;mm
Supply ;230-440V/50-60Hz
CFM ;@2” WG ;1820
RPM ;3600
Filter ;99.99% efficient ;@ 0.3 ;micron

Ducting System :

LCGC LABS devise ducts/channels convenient for circulation of cold air and exhaust air within your premise. Through active maintenance of the airflow temperature, its quality control, and oxygen, ducting maintains the indoor conditions. With the use of ISO graded seals, we ensure the prevention of any leak and antimicrobial contamination.

We deliver two types of the ductwork system, including:


We deliver two types of the ductwork system, including:

  1. Rectangular Ducting and
  2. Round Ducting

Dampers :

We provide you with the most reliable, well functioning, and regulated airflow control system. The dampers increase the overall energy efficiency along with minimizing installation prices. And we understand the damper varies from project to project. Controlling the air volume regulates the airflow of the space according to necessity. And in case of any fire hazard, dampers control the fire with airflow volume and closes itself, shutting the oxygen supply. Thus, any fire damage can also be prevented. For this, there are two kinds of dampers.

  1. A volume control damper and
  2. Fire control damper.


Technical Features :

Temperature ;rating-32° to ;83°C
Leakage5.5 ;cfm/ft2
Maximum ;pressure2.5kPa
Frame305x508 ;mm
MaterialGalvanised ;steel
FinishStainless ;steel
Blade ;sealPolyethylene

HEPA Filters:

At LCGC LABS, we customize your HEPA Filters as per your requirements. Our HEPA filters ensure 99.99% efficiency against 0.3micron particles and standardized ISO compatibility!