Why LCGC for Your HVAC System?

LCGC LABS deals in constructing, supplying, and exporting HVAC Systems and Solutions across all industries in India. No matter the extent of Commercial Projects, be it for Hospitals, Research and Testing Facilities, Aerospace Industry, or Commercial Buildings, we design the HVAC Systems suitable for your establishment. From the Equipment, Air Washers, Air Handling Units (AHUs), Dampers to the Air Washers, Attenuators, Chillers, FFU, and HEPA Filters, we ensure all-around HVAC installations. Our office is set in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. We offer our expertise all over India.
We acknowledge that every project is different. And our HVAC System is designed and customized, keeping your industry requirement in mind. Aspiring unremitting developments, our work methodologies have turned us into a recognizable name in the Laboratory and cleanroom turnkey industry!

Our HVAC system provides you with the comfort and control you require in your labs and cleanrooms. Thus, your critical will be executed in the most secure way possible.

Our Target Industries:

LCGC LABS designs and delivers suitable HVAC systems encompassing all the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of your space. We understand how much HVAC systems can be crucial for your research and production systems. And we strive to achieve all your requirements.

At LCGC LABS, we mainly serve the given industries:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Agriculture and Seed Testing
  • Bio contaminants
  • Animal Research
  • Cannabis
  • Chemical and Plastics
  • Feed testing
  • Food testing
  • Forensic Science
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Device
  • Metallurgy
  • Medical Research
  • Microbiology
  • Microelectronics and Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Positive and negative pressure Rooms
  • Quality Control

Benefits / Key features of HVAC:

  • Design Flexibility
  • Humidity Control
  • Low Vibration
  • Environmental impac
  • Temperature variability adjustment
  • Adjustable Air Flow Velocity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sound absorbing and damping
  • Comfortable cleaner airflow
  • Indoor climate and energy
  • Remote access

HVAC System Mechanisms

At LCGC LABS, we develop a self-sufficient HVAC System according to your specific criteria. Thanks to our 360 planning and services practices, we ensure the complete success and efficiency of your HVAC systems.
Our HVAC system comprises the following three parts:

  1. Air Treatment System –
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  • Air washer
  1. Air Distribution System –
  • Duct Systems
  • Fire Valves
  • Thermal Insulation
  1. Control of Air Flow –
  • Air Diffuser
  • HVAC Grill
  • Damper Placement
  • Return Air Riser
  • Air Vent System

1. Air Treatment System

1.1 Air Handling Units

LCGC LABS strives to meet your industry demands in designing and placing your HVAC systems. The main control of your HVAC system lies within the Air Handling Unit (AHU). We offer you chilled water as well as DX-type AHUs according to your need.

What is an AHU?

The AHU is a vital source of air conditioning and dust particle elimination systems. It is fitted as the link between unfiltered and filtered air purification systems. The air handling Unit controls the industry-specific temperature, air purification, and humidity. We design our systems to readily sense and modify the air conditioning to create an amicable environment.


  • Different size and colors available
  •  Precise temperature regulation
  •  Customizable design
  • User-friendly
  • Humidity control
  • Air filtration
  • Energy efficient and low sound
  • Easy Maintenance
PanelsSingle/Double skin panels
InsulationSandwich PUF insulation
Panel materialGalvanised steel/Aluminium/Stainless steel
Return airflow8440 m3/h
Supply airflow9215 m3/h
Net overall heightSupply=1200 mm
Return=1150 mm
Overall widthSupply=1750 mm
Outer skin materialGrey plastisol
Inner skin materialGalvanised
Overall length4140 mm
Unit base height100 mm
Insulation typeFoam
  1. AHU Frame Structure
  • Structure of light-weight aluminum alloy ensuring high durability and no corrosion
  • The aluminum alloy structure allowing anti-freeze
  • Well-connected, durable, non-corroding frame structure from every angle
  1. Temperature Regulation
  • Excellent air-conditioning leveraging heat exchange tube made of ½ inch copper and corrugated, hydrophilic aluminum foil
  • Top-notch heat transmission performance
  • Wind resistance
  1. Filtration System
  • 90% efficiency with a 10-micron primary filter along with a 5 microns secondary filter;
  • Washable, PU coated HDPE Media in FRP as the GI frame;
  • Recirculation of 80% air combined with 20% fresh air. Customization is available;
  • Aluminum framed mini plate HEPA filter (0.3 microns) with 99.997% efficiency against treated antimicrobial media.

2. Air Distribution:

LCGC LABS develops highly efficient, well-insulated air distribution systems of all sizes. Through active customization of designs to your functional and space requirements, we deliver efficacy in their work. Moreover, we comply with the ISO standards to develop the most scalable designs.

Air Distribution System constitutes of –

  • Duct system
  • Fire valves

Ducting System

LCGC LABS devise ducts/channels convenient for circulation of cold air and exhaust air within your premise. Through active maintenance of the airflow temperature, its quality control, and oxygen, ducting maintains the indoor conditions. With the use of ISO graded seals, we ensure the prevention of any leak and antimicrobial contamination.

We deliver two types of the ductwork system, including:

  1. Rectangular Ducting and
  2. Round Ducting

2.1.1 Rectangular Ducting:
Technical specifications (for rectangular duct):

Panel dimensions4000x1200 mm
Panel thickness20 mm
CoatingAntimicrobial coating
Insulating materialPolyurethane foam
Thermal conductivity0.02 W/mK at 10C
Density of foam45kg/m3
Weight of panel1.36kg/m3
2.1.2 Round ducting:
Technical specifications (for round ducts):
MaterialGalvanised iron
Duct sizeGage No.Thickness
Sheet thickness(mm)(mm)
InsulationRubber/ fiberglass
Maximum pressure10-inch W.G.

Exclusivity of Our Ducting system :

  • The round and rectangular ducting system
  • Minimal vibrations and volume regulation
  • Smoke control dampers and fire control dampers
  • Plenums, vanes, take-offs, and terminal units
  • A customizable fiberglass duct system
  • Thermal insulation
  • Aesthetic design

Fire valves

Our fire valves effectively control the airflow even during emergencies with adjustable capacity and their positions. We customize the sizes in meeting your requirements alongside conforming with industry and international standards.

Valve typeSupply valveExhaust valveExhaust tamper proof
Fire rating60min fire rated60min fire rated
SizeStandard and customizedStandard and customizedStandard and customized
LockingSpindle locknutSpindle locknutScrew lock

Thermal Insulation

The main basis of HVAC is to create controlled airspace without the risk of contamination or changing of temperatures. Thus, thermal insulation is crucial in the process.


  • Appropriate cooling and thermal insulation
  • Airtight ducts
  • Higher energy-efficient system

Air Flow Control Systems

Our airflow systems allow efficient and industry-focused HVAC solutions. Our team has tested and tried all components to ensure the most flawless air control unit as per your requirements. LCGC LAB’s airflow control system includes,


We provide you with the most reliable, well functioning, and regulated airflow control system. The dampers increase the overall energy efficiency along with minimizing installation prices. And we understand the damper varies from project to project. Controlling the air volume regulates the airflow of the space according to necessity. And in case of any fire hazard, dampers control the fire with airflow volume and closes itself, shutting the oxygen supply. Thus, any fire damage can also be prevented. For this, there are two kinds of dampers.

  1. A volume control damper and
  2. Fire control damper.


  • Butterfly damper to control backdraft
  • Both MS powder and GI powder coat available
  • Bypass damper for pressure relief
  • Smoke damper for smoke control
  • Manual reset system available
Temperature rating-32° to 83°C
Leakage   5.5 cfm/ft2
Maximum pressure2.5kPa
MaterialGalvanised steel
Blades14 gauge
FinishStainless steel
Blade sheetPolyethylene


A diffuser is vital for the air vents. It extracts the foul air from indoors and supplies fresh air. At LCGC LABS, we customize your designs, ensuring the highest efficiency of your HVAC system. We design the diffusers from premium materials according to your requirements, aiding in improving your occupational productivity.


  • Top-notch air diffuser integrated with HEPA filters
  • A single terminal unit for air distribution and filtration
  • Modular construction (different interchangeable front panels)
  • 1 to 4 – mode of airflow discharge configurations available
  • Ceiling diffusers in a square and rectangular shape
  • Uncontaminated and clean work environment

Technical Conditions:

  • Mitigates pressure drop with a large volume of air and noise level
  • Both steel and aluminum are available
  • Top-notch performance even in changing air volume systems
  • Both fixed and adjustable patterns available
Discharge360° discharge pattern1, 2, 3, 4-way discharge pattern360° discharge pattern
MountingCeilingCeilingExposed ductwork
Performance suitable forVariable air volume systemsVariable air volume systemHeating and cooling operations
PatternFixed/ AdjustableHorizontal flow patternAdjustable


We offer best-in-class HVAC grills to ensure well-controlled airflow within your premise and utmost comfort. We understand your complex requirements and offer solutions tailored to your industry. Grilles are usually mounted on the ceilings or walls and works by pulling air back in the central system for reusing it appropriately. Relying on the availability of different high-tech grills and diffuser, LCGC LABS offer HVAC grills that will be permanent and flawless in supplying and extracting air.


  • The grills are available in 3 different materials ( Aluminum, Steel, Plastic)
  • It can be installed easily without any hassle

Technical Specifications

Grille typeReturn air grillDeflection grill
FaceLanced face
Fin spacing12.7mm12.7mm
SizesCustomized sizesCustomized
FinishWhite finishPolyester powder coat
Flow rate capacity58-1133 cfm