Quick Tips

Full Service Cleanrooms

LCGC LABS offers a full service approach to the cleanroom selection process. We offer a six-step solution, allowing customers to feel confident that they will receive their specific requirements, within the specified time frame. Our design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a complete product line of plastic, laminated, steel and stainless cleanrooms and equipment.

1. Initial Consultation – We will provide a comprehensive evaluation of what is needed, the air quality level required and the system that best suits our customers’ needs.

2. Engineering and Design – Our highly experienced staff provide the necessary CAD drawings needed to satisfy our customers’ requirements

3. Manufacturing – Our manufacturing process and cost controls enable us to be very efficient. This allows LCGC LABS to minimize the cost to our customers.

4. Installation – As an additional feature, LCGC LABS will install the entire system. If our customer has the expertise to install the system, then we will provide them with the guidance needed for successful completion.

5. Certification/Testing – LCGC LABS tests all our products to assure compliance with established government and industry standards, prior to shipping product. We will also coordinate on-site testing/certification.

6. Maintenance – LCGC LABS will provide any maintenance that may be required. We will also offer annual maintenance contracts.

We value every single relationship with our customers, vendors and employees and will provide the highest levels of quality, service and reliability.