At LCGC LABS, we design, manufacture, and set up your Evaporative Air Cooling Systems with Fan Filter Unit (FFU), Ducts, Air Washer, etc., alongside, we provide top-notch maintenance services of the relevant systems. With our office in Hyderabad, we offer our world-class laboratory and cleanroom turnkey services all over India!
The evaporation system creates an astounding cooling system by converting the outside air into cold air. The evaporation system is the heart of a cooling system.

At LCGC LABS, we construct your industrial-grade evaporative cooling systems efficient cooling cleanrooms and laboratories. We customize your evaporative coolers by understanding your requirements thoroughly.  Our strategy is to increase your productivity and energy efficiency while reducing the overall cost even in the long run!


Advantages and Key Features

Fresh Air: 

Quiet operation :

Health benefits :

Eco-friendly :

Low installation and operational cost :

Constraint-free :

Continuous, stable air circulation :

Easy Installation and Low Operational Cost :

1. Fan Filtration Unit (FFU)

The FFU consists of the fans, HEPA filters, and their control system. Our experts provide you with highly efficient fan filtration units that help the circulation of natural air with no complications!

We design and install att the components of the FFU that facilitates the microfiltration of air in the cleanrooms. With high-tech HEPA filters, we equip your premises with the best quality evaporative cooling system devoid of any contamination. Thus, the system can aintain a class 7 standard hygiene!

And another unique feature of our cooling system is the necessarily low noise creating FFU. With an intensity of 50db, the quiet operation of our system is exemplary!

Key Features

Particle retention at fine filtration3 to 5micron
Particle retention at HEPA filter0.3 micron
Ceiling height27430mm
Noise level50dB
Cleanliness classISO Class 7
Floor areaStandard and Customized

2. Air Washer

The air washer works in enhancing the quality of air indoors. It works by scrubbing and adjusting the humidity levels to a suitable setting and helps in keeping the work environment consistent.

At LCGC LABS, we design and use highly efficient air washers tailored to your requirements. With its progressive specifications, not only will you see higher productivity but also higher energy band cost efficiency. We also use cellulose cooling pads that help to lessen water use and help the environment!


3. Duct System

LCGC LABS devise ducts/channels convenient for circulation of cold air and exhaust air within your premise. Through active maintenance of the airflow temperature, its quality control, and oxygen, ducting maintains the indoor conditions. With the use of ISO graded seals, we ensure the prevention of any leak and antimicrobial contamination.

We deliver two types of the ductwork system, including:

  1. Rectangular Ducting and
  2. Round Ducting



Coverage (per gal)Up to 320 lin. Ft. at 3” width 20 mil thickness
FlexibilityPasses ¼ inch mandrel bend
Time to Test48 hours*
Service Temperature20˚F to 200˚F (-20˚C to 94˚C)
ResistanceWeather and Mildew Resistance