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What Are Cleanroom Services?

Cleanrooms are specific spaces with a controlled environment to ensure works without any trace of airborne particles and other contamination. Specifically, cleanroom construction is perfect for various lab testing, production, and other complicated procedures.

Modular cleanroom manufacturers strictly regulate the services within and around the room. Temperature, airflow, humidity, pressurization, filtration all need to be controlled within the space. Cleanrooms are equipped within the pharmaceutical, medical device, research, and electronic industries commonly.

LCGC LABS is among the best cleanroom manufacturing companies all over India. With our expertise and world-class service, you are assured of getting a well-furnished cleanroom with the best utilities and relevant mechanical installations.

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Comprehensive Cleanroom services include

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    Consultation and Management

    Cleanrooms call for extremely controlled environments with minimal contamination. That is why it is crucial to inspect the space, sketch a design plan, and work according to proper management strategies according to the type of cleanroom.

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    Cleanroom Doors, Floorings, and Walls

    Providing you with numerous sustainable options to choose from, we work relentlessly to ensure maximum control within the premises. Whether it is a soft-wall or hard-wall clean room, stainless steel doors, epoxy, or PVC floorings, we got you all covered. With high-class materials, a secure and hygienic system, hefty build, our construction engineer would make sure all your requirements are met.

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    Modular Cleanroom Panels and Cabinets

    Serving you with a wide range of wall panels and cabinets, we aim to cater to all your storage requirements. Selecting the best fit for your cleanroom, we furnish the settings to its perfection.

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    Cleanroom Equipment

    The cleanroom requires various equipment and utilities to reach its full potential. Laminar Flow Cabinet, Air Shower, Fan Filter Unit (FFU), Biosafety Cabinet, Pass-Through Box, Hepa Box, etc. are the primary part of a cleanroom, and we make sure to install the equipment correctly, as per your need.

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    HVAC, AHU, and Disinfection System

    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is a crucial part of any cleanroom setting. Without a proper HVAC system in place, the room’s internal condition can’t be controlled and maintained. That is why our HVAC engineers plan the placement of the HVAC system controlling the humidity, temperature, airflow, exhaust, air-filtration, disinfection, and others according to the design.

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    Audit and Furnishing

    Once the project has reached its completion, our expert at LCGC LABS will inspect the whole system to leave no scope for faults. With the final auditing and furnishing, your cleanroom will be finally ready for professional use!


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Unparalleled Expertise

    No matter how complicated or simple your project is, success is hard to achieve without the right expertise. At LCGC LABS, we take pride in our expertise that we gained over the years, offering our services all over India and delivering the Cleanroom Services successfully.

  • Best In Class Team

    We are a team of professional that believes in execution. We engage a team of agile and adept planners, lab design architects, HVAC experts, and lab construction engineers, having experience working in all calibers of projects all over India. The expertise and unique approaches of our team make our work exceptional and commendable.

  • Innovative Design

    The design holds the foundation of your Cleanroom. Every project is different. We tailor the best design for you that satisfies your budget and meets your expectations with our expertise.

  • Reliable Services

    We have been trusted and reliable to our clients all over India thanks to our sheer dedication and commitment, along with a team that executes what they say!

  • Quality Cleanroom Construction Solutions

    When it comes to your Cleanroom project, nothing tops over quality. And our expertise, team, and assurance of innovation ensure that your project turns out to be perfect!

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