LCGC LABS specializes in designing, planning, and manufacturing your Cleanroom Equipment. Cleanroom requires versatile equipment for conducting its sensitive functions smoothly. From Laminar Air Flow System, Fan Filtration Unit (FFU), Class II A2 Biosafety cabinet, Dynamic pass Boxes, Static Pass Boxes, Positive Pressure Units to Air Showers, Air Curtains, Garment Storage Cabinets, Laminar Flow Clean Benches, we manufacture all sorts of cleanroom equipment you may require for smooth operations. With our head office in Hyderabad, we offer our cleanroom equipment all over India!

List of equipment :
Features :

1.Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety cabinets are a must in several productions and research facilities. They are ventilated, enclosed cabinets allowing uniform and self-sufficient airflow even during voltage fluctuations & filter loading. At LCGC LABS, we provide you with Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet Class II protected with HEPA filters and antimicrobial coating painted on both its internal and external surfaces for better safety.

Technical Features :

ModelVALF 2×2VALF 3×2VALF 4×2VALF 6×2
Working Area2'×2'×2'3'×2'×2'4'×2'×2'6'×2'×2'
Size of HEPA Filter2'×2'×6'3'×2'×6'4'×2'×6'3'×2'×6'
No. of HEPA Filter1122
No. of Pre-Filter1122

2.Dynamic Pass Box

Pass boxes are used for material transfers to and fro the cleanrooms with minimal effort. Dynamic boxes are used to transfer materials within the hatch. A dynamically balanced motor blower is used for it. Our dynamic pass boxes support your material transfer in a controlled setting by eliminating the barriers between areas & sweeping away the particulate load.

Main Features

2.1 Static Pass Box

LCGC LABS offers you self-contained static pass boxes that can easily be installed at your cleanroom entrance. A static pass box minimizes the number of contaminants from entering the cleanroom and ensures topmost cleanliness and hygiene. It’s electromagnetic interlocking along with the powder-coated SS304 prevents any pollution from entering. Also, it has UV light and fluorescent light with a buzzer indicator.

Main Features

  • Mechanical and electronic door interlocking with swing type doors
  • Double skin doors with acrylic and/or glass view panels
  • Optional UV lamp door open indicator
  • Stainless steel composition
  • Easy to clean
  • Industrial SS 304 base surface double skin
  • Chemical resistant material
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Digital LCD controller
Working Area
Internal Dimensions500x400x500600x600x600
External Dimension (in mm)660x450x560760x650x660
Net Weight (in kg)42.258.8
Shipping Weight (in kg)61.680.4

9.2.2 Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic boxes are used to transfer material from one place to another within hatch. It is designed with the statistical and dynamical balanced motor blower assembly. Kaizens dynamic pass box assists in a material transfer under a controlled environment. The dynamic pass box eliminates the barriers between areas &sweeps away the particulate load.

Working Area450x450x450610x610x6101000x1000x1000
External Dimension 590x550x1100750x710x12501055x1015x1555
HEPA Filter size400x400x75610x610x75915x915x75

3.Positive Pressure Unit

Our positive pressure units give you clean and fresh indoor air. With HEPA filters, positive pressure units supply fresh air from outdoors to the room. Our units ensure complete fresh air circulation for better cleanroom air quality.

Main Features

Technical Features :

Model NameDimensions (mm)Air Flow VelocityISO Class
KAPPM-200300×300×300200 CFM5
KAPPM-300610x610x650300 CFM5
KAPPM-500740×720×800500 CFM5

4. Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment storage cabinet provides high safety for the users as well as the products. At LCGC LABS, we design these cabinets with stainless steel, pre-coated GI sheet metal and HEPA filters that keep contamination to a minimum.

Main Features

ModelWorking Dimensions (mm)External DimensionElectrical
KGC41350×740×24401250×645×1790230V, ;50Hz
KGC3900×600×12001000×700×1900230V, ;50Hz
KGC61800×600×12001900×700×1900230V, ;50Hz

5. Air Curtain

Air curtains work as an invisible air barrier over the cleanroom entrance separating two different surroundings. It increases energy efficiency, maintains hygiene, and an acceptable indoor environment. Alongside, they keep the surroundings dust-free, ensuring proper functioning.

Main Features

Technical Features :