Clean rooms for Beverage & Food Industries

At LCGC LABS, we design and set up your Modular Cleanrooms according to the Beverage & Food Industry standards. Not only do we design and set up your cleanroom, but we also offer maintenance services for its smooth operation. Our office is situated in Hyderabad, India, and our services are offered to all industries across the country!

At LCGC LABS, we offer you clean and hygienic settings ensuring smooth functioning across all procedures. With temperature, humidity, and pressure control, we also ensure particle count control in your beverage and food cleanrooms. We comply with the industry standards and regulations to ensure the topmost conditions in your cleanrooms. We thrive on eradicating contamination and creating a microbe-resistant environment for your Food and Beverage cleanrooms.


  • Visitor friendly
  • Bottle entry and exit flaps
  • Airlock system at access areas
  • Contamination free
  • Aesthetic setup


Included Components

Our modular cleanrooms for the food industry, medicine bottling, and filling beverages are manufactured, keeping cost efficiency and flexibility in mind. We only equip high-quality products and installations in your cleanroom while ensuring high design efficiency. Thus, your operational productivity increases manifolds!

Here are the parts of your Beverage & Food Industry Cleanrooms.

  1. Enclosure Section
  2. Supply Section and
  3. Air Filtration Section

1. Enclosure section:

We manufacture the enclosure section from contamination-resistant steel with a brilliant. The rock wool panel sandwiching between the steel plates provides an A15 fire rating temperature resistance. And our products are eco-friendly while ensuring top-notch hygiene indoors!

  a. Structural frame

Filling room construction starts with creating the structural frame. We use a rigid, anti-contamination metal structure that supports your design entirely. The frames can be of 2 types, vertical frames, and horizontal frames.

   i. Vertical Frames

Higher-level placement of industrial fillers ensures better contamination resistance. And our vertical frame is perfect for providing you with extra care! We either use stainless steel vertical frame or powder-coated steel for the structure. The structure places the floor higher than the ground level.

Key Features

  ii. Horizontal Frames

Our horizontal frame design complies with the ISO class 9 level cleanliness standards and allows airborne particles to conform with the DIN EN ISO 14644-1 limits!

Key Features


At LCGC LABS, we offer you easily demountable and modifiable partitions for your cleanrooms. They provide you with transparency and rigid support during the operations with designs complying with the ISO class 9 standards!

  i. Transparent partition

The highly automated and complicated bottle filling process requires a human interface in swift functioning to reduce malfunctioning. Thus, transparent partitions work miracles in controlling and overseeing the procedures. And we design tempered glass or polycarbonate partitions, making the overseeing convenient by offering maximum transparency.

Key Features:

   ii. Metal partition

Metal partition vital in protecting contamination between two rooms and maintaining hygiene. And with our specially designed, ISO 7 cleanliness compliant stainless steel metals partitions, you will see your filling system flourish.

Key Features:

   c. Ceiling

Conventional ceilings fail to maintain the cleanliness standards. At Kaizen, we provide a standard ultraclean ceiling system for generating clean environments in industrial filling systems. We offer highly durable fire-safe ceiling panels with antimicrobial coating complying with international standards for cleanliness. Ceilings are composed of the sandwiched panel between two steel plates ensuring appropriate environment. It is built to accommodate the weight and dimensions of the fan filtration unit.

Key Features:

Technical Specification:

Ceiling gridT-joists with slide in dividers
Ceiling grid materialPowder coated MS/ Stainless steel
Fire-safe SS 304
Powder coated steel
Clear Acrylic
Edge finishPaint sealed for improved cleanroom performance
Temperature range0C-49C
HumidityRH 99%
Thermal insulation0.40 m2k/W
Weight5.28 kgs/m2

  d. Fan Filtration

Our fan filtration unit (FFU) ensures the microfiltration of outdoor air and ensures clean airflow indoors. These motor-driven fan filtration units work even better with HEPA filters. Along with the HEPA filters, it decontaminates the polluted air to create a hygienic working environment while providing a constant, even microfiltered airflow of class 7 standard. Also, the vibration and sound are low, being around 50dB only.

Key Features:

Technical Specification:

Particle retention at fine filtration3 to 5micron
Particle retention at HEPA filter0.3 micron
Ceiling height27430mm
Noise level50dB
Cleanliness classISO Class 7
Floor areaStandard and Customized

   e.  Light fixtures

Contamination-free environments require clean and hygienic lighting. We design and develop the lighting fixture with closure the provide your required visibility. These fixtures are fire and fume-resistant, too. Moreover, the intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) helps the lights in targeting and eliminating bacteria.

We provide you with two types of lights.

  1. Fluorescent Lights Features:
  2. LED panels performance specifications:

Key Features

Different types of lights :

Type2: LED panels performance specifications :

Ceiling grid (module length)300-600 mm
Light sourceReplaceable LED
Mains voltage220V/50-60Hz
Ceiling typeExposed T-bar ceiling
Color rendering index>80
Average life25,000-70,000 hours
Driver failure rate1% per 5000hours
Ambient temperature+25 C
Operating temperature range-20C to +35C
ConnectionPush in connector
ISO class2-9 Fraunhofer certified
Housing materialSheet steel
Cover materialTempered glass
Internal optic materialAluminum
HeatsinkAluminum sheet steel
LED typeSquare LEDRectangular LED
Luminous flux (In l m)3600, 3900, 6000, 63006000, 6300
Color temperature3000 or 4000 k3000 or 4000 k
Initial luminaire efficiency109- 120 l m/W109- 120 l m/W
Luminous flux tolerance+/- 10%+/- 10%
Dimensions596x596 mm1196x296 mm

   f. Cable Management System

You require a reliable, diligent cable management system to ensure signal integrity as well as to reduce outgassing. And without a cable management system, getting a contamination-free setting is hard. From EMI shielding, continuous flexing to MTW rating, or resisting electrical shocks, cable management systems are vital. And we design your cable system to ensure lower friction and leakage with a protective covering. Thus, you get nothing but the best!

Key Features:

MaterialsSteel and Aluminium
GuidesPlastic T guides
FinishesBlack/ White powder coat paint
Cable capacity12 bundle swivels
Accessory rods2021-04-02 00:00:00
AssemblyCentre track assembly
Spools4 half spools (Not included in 150 and 200mm)
Cable ManagementSingle sided/ Double sided
HingesDuel hinge for front and rear panel
Cable ManagementSingle sided/ Double Sided
HingesDual hinge for front and rear door
MaterialsSteel/ Aluminium with plastic guides
ColourBlack/ White
SizeStandard and customized
Accessory rods2/4 rods

  g. Intelligent Doors

Security of your cleanroom is critical for uninterrupted functioning. And biometric doors are best in preventing unauthorized people from entering the premises.

At LCGC LABS, we design and install highly secure, durable automated doors, ensuring your cleanroom integrity. Not only do they prevent unauthorized entries, but they also control the flow of contaminants from outside. And the disinfect blower helps in sanitizing a person while they are entering the cleanroom.

Key Features

Door typeManual door
DoorSliding doorSwing door
Panel typePuff panelPuff panel
FrameAluminiumAluminium/Stainless steel
Dimensions (In mm)1016x2083914x2057 (Single swing)
1829x2057 (Double swing)
Door typeAutomatic door
DoorSliding doorDouble slide door
Panel typePuff panelPuff panel
ComplianceUL, NFPAUL, NFPA
FinishClear/Dark bronzeClear/Dark bronze
Door interlockingElectromagnetic door locks
ResistanceUp to 225 kg force
Access typeIris scanner
Fingerprint scanner
Prox Pad card scanner
Keycard reader
Notification alarmsSmart door alarm
(Audible and visible)
LED display bar
Smart message panel

  h. Wall Panel:

LCGC LABS designs and installs easily cleanable and germ-free wall panels giving you the enclosure you need. The center mountable, highly flexible design complies with international standards while customizing its configurations according to your requirements.

Technical specifications:

Standard Size (WxH)1200x3000 mm
Thickness25 to 150 mm
MOCPowder coated/Precoated galvanized steel/ Stainless steel
InfillPUF (Polyurethane Foam)
PIR (Poly Iso Rinate)
Mineral Wool/Glass wool/Rockwool
Fire resistance classF130 under EN 13501-2
ComplianceISO 5

 i. Windows:

Our transparent, premium quality windows allow you to view the internal operations of the cleanroom from the outside. We design easy to clean, and sturdy windows customized per your requirements and offer your complete satisfaction. Our windows are available in framed and frameless with a single or double-sided view.

Technical specifications:

Single sided windowDouble sided window
ConstructionNominal dimensionsWindow materialConstructionNominal dimensionsWindow material
(In mm)(In mm)
Framed window14325.6x10972.8Tempered glassFramed window14325.6x10972.8Tempered glass
Fire-rated glassFire-rated glass
Frameless windows14325.6x10972.8Tempered glassFrameless window14325.6x10972.8Tempered glass
Fire-rated glassFire-rated glass

  j. Flooring:

At LCGC LABS, we customized the height of your flooring according to your requirements and thrived on providing you with international standard cleanliness. We customize the configurations for your durable, high-tech matrix floor panels!

Technical specifications:

CoatingVinyl powder coated
Roll Dimensions (WxL)2x20 m
Tile format608x608 mm
Thermal conductivity0.25 W/(m.k)
Fire ratingBf1-s1
Slip resistanceR9
Heat resistance0° to 50°C
Air cleanliness classISO 4
Load resistance40 kg/sq. cm
Static electrical propensity<2000V
Electrical resistance>1011 Ω
Particulate cleanability85.66% reduction in particle contamination
The action of micro-organism on the flooringInert and resistant
Chemical resistantExcellent
Resistance to gaseous H2O2No damage
ComplianceCE Marking

 k.  Smart Access Control:

Our smart security access system gives you complete control over your cleanrooms. While lessening any cross-contamination, you can also control the filling machine speed for operational maintenances and others. And our customized approach makes the control even smoother than ever!

2.Supplies Section

  a. Pass-Through Chambers:

We design our pass-through chambers for comfortable and complication-free material transfer. Alongside controlling the extent of cross-contamination, they provide better ease of transportation within the cleanroom that can be customized accordingly.

Technical specifications:

Chamber materialStainless steel
ConstructionDouble wall design
LatchAll steel
Viewing windowTempered glass
AccessoriesAutomatic doors
Alert alarms
ULPA filtered air shower
LED lights
Smart access control

  b. Air Shower

We equip or air showers with high-velocity air jets to ensure minimal contamination within the cleanroom.  The configuration is highly customizable according to your requirements!

Technical specifications:

Air changeUp to 743/hr
Initial airflow velocity20-22 m/s
Number of nozzles1936-06-01 00:00:00
Air shower duration12 seconds
Persons/min2023-04-01 00:00:00
Person per cycle2021-06-01 00:00:00
Pre-filter85% Arrestance, 20% efficiency
HEPA filter99.99% efficient @ 0.3micron
FrameElectro galvanized steel
CoatingWhite oven baked epoxy powder coated
Electrical220-240V/50-60 Hz
110-130V/50-60 Hz
Included accessoriesPhotophilic pressure gauge
Control panel
LED lights
Ionizing bars
Fan filtration unit
ComplianceUL listed

3. Air Treatment Section

  a.  Air Conditioning:

Proper air conditioning is crucial in performing complicated and sensitive operations. That is why we abide by the NABH guidelines in setting up customized, tailored air conditioning solutions in your cleanrooms.

Technical specifications (Air cooled DX unit):

(23.9°C DB, 16.1°C WB, 11.1°C DP) 44.6% RH
TotalBTU/hr54000 to 220000
kW15.9 to 64.4
SensibleBTU/hr54000 to 220000
kW15.9 to 64.4
(26.7°C DB, 17.1°C WB, 11.1°C DP) 37.8% RH
TotalBTU/hr57000 to 231000
kW16.7 to 67.7
SensibleBTU/hr57000 to 231000
kW16.7 to 67.7
(26.7°C DB, 18°C WB, 11.1°C DP) 32.2% RH
TotalBTU/hr60000 to 242000
kW17.5 to 71.0
SensibleBTU/hr60000 to 242000
kW17.5 to 71.0
Electric Reheat
HousingStage aluminum
Capacity (kW)6 to 18
Number of elements2 to 6
Number of stages1 to 3
Supply230V/50-60 Hz
Hot Gas Reheat (24°C)
Capacity (kW)9.5 to 13.5
Capacity (kg/hr)5 to 8
Power input (kW)3.7 to 6
Flush cycleAuto
Evaporator Blower
BladesBackward curved
MotorDirect drive EC motor
Nominal horsepower3.8 to 4
CFM @ 50Pa3500 to 12600
(23.9°C DB, 16.1°C WB, 11.1°C DP) 44.6% RH
TotalBTU/hr55000 to 254000
kW16.0 to 74.4
SensibleBTU/hr55000 to 254000
kW16.0 to 74.4
(26.7°C DB, 17.1°C WB, 11.1°C DP) 37.8% RH
TotalBTU/hr57000 to 269000
kW16.8 to 78.8
SensibleBTU/hr57000 to 269000
kW16.8 to 78.8
(26.7°C DB, 18°C WB, 11.1°C DP) 32.2% RH
TotalBTU/hr60000 to 284000
kW17.7 to 83.2
SensibleBTU/hr60000 to 284000
kW17.7 to 83.2
Electric Reheat
HousingStage aluminum
Capacity (kW)6 to 18
Number of elements2 to 6
Number of stages1 to 3
Supply230V/50-60 Hz
Hot Gas Reheat (24°C)
Capacity (kW)9.1 to 12.7
Capacity (kg/hr)5 to 8
Power input (kW)3.7 to 6
Flush cycleAuto
Evaporator Blower
BladesBackward curved
MotorDirect drive EC motor
Nominal horsepower3.8 to 4
CFM @ 50Pa12600

  b. Dehumidification Module:

Uncontrolled humidity can cause unfaltering damage to any research and production in the food and beverage industry. That is why LCGC LABS provides smart, well-tailored, standard dehumidification units to stabilize the indoor humidity to an acceptable level!  

Technical specifications:

HousingStainless steel
CoatingZinc coat
Desiccant materialSilica gel
Material size2-5 mm
Humidity @21°C temperatureAdsorption rate
50% RH498.9 to 2994 g/hr
30% RH362.9 to 2268 g/hr
10% RH136.1 to 816.5 g/hr
Nominal DimensionsProcess AirflowReactivation AirflowWeightFull Load AMPReactivation HeatPowerVoltage