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LCGC LABS is all in one of the very best reputed laboratory planning, designing, and Execution Company. We promise to produce top quality services to our customers as they are the blessing for our business. We are pleased with our great Innovations and always serve the customer with the topmost quality products. LCGC LABS has products specially designed to fulfill the demands of Commercial, Educational, Health care, Analytical, and various different sections of our society. We focus on understanding and evaluating the requirements of customers and we introduce them with the best quality products. LCGC LABS has been within the business for over 10 years now and it is situated in the city of Hyderabad, India.

Our company is committed to various custom solutions. Where it can provide to every possible industry equipment without decreasing the quality. There are different needs in the microprocessor manufacturing and cafeteria checkout sectors. This is often applicable to general industrial workbenches too, where the maximum demand is for unique lab equipment. This is the reason why LCGC LABS is lasting for a long time in every challenging economy within the world. For this reason, we are the primary choice for almost every company.

We are considered one among the most promising leading firms in designing, manufacturing, and supplying of lab furniture system and equipment for all types of laborites. Our innovative range of laboratory accessories is designed for efficient and safe operation. These are of top quality and are guaranteed to perform accurate performance and sturdiness wise. There are clients who require a combination of sophistication and traditional durability, LCGC LABS makes a special step to meet their demands too.

LCGC LABS offers a variety of fume hoods, which are suitable for nearly every application. In case you require a lightweight but highly durable and complicated hood system for removal of toxic fumes or an enclosure to the nuisance vapors or a complicated specialized ventilation system for a complicated application, LCGC LABS always has the best solution for you. We have one of the best walk-in and bench-top fume hoods, and you can get those at a very reasonable price. And we guarantee that our featured fume hoods surpass every industry standard in every respect.

We are one of the leading companies which provide quality laboratory storage cabinets made of high quality materials. We provide file cabinets, steel lockers, vessel cabinets to chemistry storage cabinets too.
LCGC LABS is an innovative manufacturer of cleanroom modular structures and accessories too. With experience in cleanroom technologies, we can design and successfully construct and install any type of modular systems.

Specific designs can be made to serve the research, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food packaging, semiconductor manufacturing and other technology industries. We are proud to be an honest service company, and we personally believe that we have the capability to transform any type of project from concept to complete in a budget friendly and timely manner.

LCGC LABS is specialized for their wonderful products for which we are now the best in our business and are continuously spreading our legs to reach an even larger audience. So, don’t wait, visit our products page know more about our products.