Bench top hoods are available in standard lengths of 4ft to 10 ft. However, it can be made to custom sizes, depending on the requirements of user. The exteriors of hoods are constructed with GI steel Sheet, our hoods are available as standard in two combination of sash types – vertical and horizontal.

Customer has choice of baffles, liner, worktops. The hoods are equipped with required lab utility service fittings and internal piping as per customer requirements and DIN standards. Larger dimensions hoods are constructed with two exhaust collars for excellent performance.

Bench top hoods worktops are fixed on a solid base structure, with exactly 900mm from the floor making the end user more convenient for working in a standing posture. Our hoods are designed as per ASHRAE 110-2016, standards.

Our laboratory hoods that offer excellent performance and suited for all general purposes applications. Our Fume hoods are also available in Low Constant Volume designs for Air-Conditioned Lab areas.

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