Air Tent

At LCGC LABS, we design and manufacture air tents providing you an effective, cost-efficient, versatile solution across several industries. Our air tents come with an easy assembly and disassembly system and are portable, free-standing, and expandable. With the HEPA fan filter units (FFUs), a continuous contaminant-free airflow, you get the best quality performance!

Our air tent for modular cleanrooms ensures functionality and cost-efficiency with all the operational flexibility you may require.

Cleanroom Air Tent :

Air tent transforms any setting into a resourceful, high-performance, and contamination-free work space with minimal expenses. It is a simple yet very reliable setting with the highest efficiency in cleanliness. The free-standing or ceiling hanging steel frames with standard PVC curtain partition make an effective space for controlled functioning. Moreover, our designs with independent FFUs meet the ISO 5 to ISO 8 conditions making the process even more reliable in terms of hygiene and efficacy.

Our filtration systems remove any pollutants, unsafe aerosols, and fine particulates from breaching the high hygiene standards inside your premises. And the customizable steel and aluminum frame structures, curtain sizes, lighting grids, floorings, and ceilings, along with the used hardware, will ensure the highest accuracy in your industrial operations!