Air Showers are self-confined sanitation chambers mounted at the cleanroom and other controlled premises entrances. They minimize the chances of contaminations entering the space. The HEPA filters scrub off any personnel and materials entering or exiting the room with high-velocity air jets. The air from indoors and outdoors is filtered and recirculated. LCGC LABS pioneers in air showers for industries such as pharmaceutical, micro-electronics and semiconductors, animal research, food, and feed testing, etc. With our field-programmable microprocessor control, you get maximum operational flexibility compared to any other options.


Types of Air Shower
  1. Top Mounted
  2. Side Mounted
Cleanroom Usage

Cleanrooms demand utmost sanitization. And air showers installed between changing rooms and the cleanroom leaves no room for contamination to enter.

They are used widely in the –

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Micro-electronic and Semiconductor Production
  • Food Industries
  • Research and Testing Facilities
Efficeincy Test

The body box test ensures the efficiency of our Air Showers.

  • We use new cleanroom garments directly from manufacturing in a non-clean room environment.
  • The operator dresses in a complete cleanroom set and enters the body box with vertical laminar flow.
  • A particle counter linked to the base of the body box measures baseline particle count levels.
  • The operator again dresses up in another garment from the same lot of manufacturer.
  • The operator enters the air shower chamber.
  • The operator exits the air shower and enters into the body box, and does specialized movements.
  • Particle count is measured and compared against the baseline level.
  • The overall efficacy of the system is calculated.
  • The test is repeated several times.
Types of Air Shower
Key Features
  • High velocity shower jet with and excess of 20 m/s for better scrubbing
  • Programable field operating modes
  • Functions controlled by a microprocessor controller
  • 99% efficient mini-pleated HEPA filtration at 0.3-micron particles
  • Disposbale pre filter
  • Class ISO7 cleanliness
  • Emergency stop buttons installed at both sides of the air shower
  • Indicator lights to ensure flow to and fro the room