LCGC LABS is one of the highly reputed Laboratory Products Manufacturer and supplier in India; LCGC LABS has been in operation since 2003. We have specialized in the development and designing of Laboratory products, facilitating our customers with optimal solutions under full coverage of safety, sustainability and affordability, thus turning clients’ expenditure into valued investment for the years to come. LCGC LABS products are designed to meet the demands of the Industrial, Educational, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical Sectors.

The laboratory itself is a vital part of any industry or institution where innovative solutions emerge as a part of research. LCGC LABS has been providing specialized requirements for the General Laboratory and Clean Room markets in India with our products and services since its initiation. LCGC LABS believe in longer-term business relationship thus our sales support team works closely with our clients and customers to develop a healthy relationship with them.

Therefore, we focus on understanding and evaluating the requirements of our client and then we introduce the best quality solution possible from our sources. Our professionals strive to provide a supple procurement solution by contributing to a range of integrated products. They achieve this by providing competitive products combined with our exaggerated level of service while sustaining a strong list of satisfied customers.

The Engineering Division of LCGC LABS is firmly committed to providing the best in metal fabricating services. From mock-up through production, we deliver finished and assembled fabrication, in both low and high volumes.

Design, CAD, CNC, Engineering, and Technical Support:
With state-of-the-art computer aided manufacturing facility allows us to meet the challenging needs of our customers. Our technicians pride themselves on their ability to assist our customers from concept to finished fabrication.

Manufacturing / Fabrication:
LCGC LABS has made an ongoing commitment to enhance our fabrication capabilities and to grow our ability to service our customers.  This is evidenced by our 27,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, our comprehensive list of equipment and the skill and thoroughness of our personnel.

Our extensive cross-trained staff provide you with diverse capabilities which include:
    Lase cutting
    Bending and Forming

All our welders are highly skilled in MIG, TIG and spot welding. Each job is closely monitored throughout the manufacturing process by a Quality Assurance Manager who helps maintain efficiency and achieve the highest quality, repeatability, and build customer confidence.


Expertise – More than 10+ years of industry experience with innovative and user friendly solutions.

Adaptability – Our wide-ranging products and services are adaptable within a competitive price range as we strive to maintain a continuing line up of delivering best quality products and services to our clients.

Sales Support – All products and services that we deliver provide a prompt and regional support by our product specialists. In this program, we educate our clients and users of our products so that they can get the maximum performance of the lab equipment.

Pioneering Technology – We serve our clients with state of the art technology within the industry. We continue to upgrade our product line to lead the first place in serving our clients’ requirements by attending the greater part of industry trade conferences, present technical papers and exploring the globe for new advancements that will help us in fulfilling our purposes.

After-sales Service – All products are available with extended maintenance and service programs which we offer as part of our business, which helps us in maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients and customers.