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High Technology Manufacturing
Microelectronics, MEMS, opto, and nanotechnology represent today ’s most dynamic and investment-intensive industries. Because you need your facilities to support the latest technology, you are concerned with challenges such as initial investment, running costs, flexibility, system reliability, and fast project delivery. LCGC LABS works closely with you, using our knowledge base and systems, to help you achieve the laboratories and cleanrooms that serve your needs.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research and Manufacturing
Manufacturers within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries must produce high-quality and low-cost products. LCGC LABS turnkey project approach will help you attain the most cost-effective delivery for your projects, ranging from research and development laboratories to pilot plants to volume manufacturing facilities. LCGC LABS will carry out a full analysis of your needs and help you in the selection of the most appropriate HVAC design and cleanroom components. We can do this while meeting your immediate needs and providing flexibility for future technology upgrades and/or expansion. We work with you and governing agencies to integrate validation requirements (FDA/GMP) into your cleanroom throughout design and construction.

Industrial and Consumer Products
You know that your industry requires a clean environment (Classes 10,000 and 100,000) to maintain quality and productivity by reducing rejection rates and manufacturing problems. Whether you are manufacturing LCD/flat panel displays, aerospace components, recordable media, or automotive components, you are concerned with temperature and humidity control, and particle or biological contamination. LCGC LABS can help you develop a new or upgrade an existing facility that can make your processes more productive and profitable.