NABL accredited Laboratory for ISO/IEC/17025

NABL accredited Laboratory for ISO/IEC/17025 certification is only a piece of paper but it provides substantial evidence of the quality of service of any calibration laboratory. ISO/IEC/17025 is a standard that need to be followed by all laboratories specializing in testing.

Calibration laboratories with ISO/IEC/17025 are of special importance to industries that frequently need to test their equipment. Some of these equipment examples are ammeters, scales, pipettes, calipers, gauges, hydrometers, weights, multimeters and several others. As you can see this equipment is commonly used in test labs and industries such as health, electronics, construction and engineering. Of course, these are only few of the examples among an extensive range of services provided by the calibration laboratory.

A calibration laboratory with NABL accredited laboratory for ISO/IEC/17025 has quite a lot of experience in the field. They have fully qualified employees and advanced technical assistance. All of these factors are one of the main reasons why you should select a calibration laboratory with ISO/IEC/17025. In fact, when you require any such services, ISO certification can act as an important search parameter. So, the next time you wish to get your instruments calibrated, opt for a company with reputed NABL accredited Laboratory for ISO/IEC/17025.

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