LCGC LABS Commitment

We stand behind our customers every step of the way. Innovative manufacturing, quality products, on time deliveries and industry leading customer service is our business priority.
Our dedicated staff works closely with designers and casework suppliers to ensure trouble free installations to optimize the appearance and longevity of your laboratory.


Accurate Order Management
Skilled personnel work from architectural drawings to ensure accurate and precise dimensions on every LCGC LABS product. Your project is kept on schedule, and their expertise helps ensure trouble free field installation.

State of the Art Production
Our commitment to our customers to provide the highest quality product is reflected in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We continually make investments to increase our production capacity and improve the overall quality of our products.

LCGC LABS Products has the skill and capacity to produce the components you need when you need them. From careful analysis of all raw materials to frequent and thorough quality checks during production, the LCGC LABS manufacturing process guarantees a superior product.

Reliable Customer Service
Our dedicated customer service team provides ease of quoting and ordering and regularly monitors order status and delivery schedules.

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