Laboratory Refrigerator

Laboratory refrigerator from the phrase itself is being used to cool or preserve specimens or samples.  Laboratory refrigerator is also being used to cool or store medicines, vaccines, instruments, supplies and other chemicals that are needed in the laboratory test or in various experiments.

Different Types of Laboratory Refrigerators


There are different types of laboratory refrigerator depending on the requirement.  There are refrigerators that are designed to store simple medical supplies and even up to the point of storing flammable components.  Some are also designed to store sensitive supplies like vaccines, medications, specimens, blood and other pharmaceutical items.  The design and specifications must fit the requirements.  Some precautionary measures must also be considered and posted on the door of the laboratory refrigerator to ensure appropriate usage and proper care.  Other devices like alarms shall also be installed and incorporated in the designs as needed.  It is also worth to note that proper labeling must be attached or posted on the items being stored in the laboratory refrigerator, like the start date of storing, expiry date and other essential information.

How to Protect Laboratory Refrigerators?
The cost of laboratory refrigerator is quite considered as an investment plus the fact that this should serve its purpose of storing and preserving specimens and supplies. With this consideration, it is just proper to know the right means and ways to protect your laboratory refrigerator, like the following:
Laboratory refrigerator should have a continuous power source.  This is not just to ensure proper functions of the refrigerator but as well as to ensure freshness of the items stored in it.
Power supply should be at a consistent voltage level.  There are available devices to protect the power supply from fluctuations such as voltage regulator.  Power fluctuations affect the cooling capacity of the unit.

    Ensure a proper place and position of the laboratory refrigerator.
    Ensure that proper care and use shall be conveyed to everyone.
    Use labels to guide users and people in the laboratory.

Various Designs and Specifications of Laboratory Refrigerator
There are various designs and specifications that you could consider in choosing laboratory refrigerator available in the market.  You just have to choose the one that would suit your need.  Different units have different looks, sizes or dimensions, technical specifications and various features.

                Lateral or Under-counter
                Scratch free / Scratch resistant
                Single door
                Double door
                Glass door
                Stainless steel door
                Powder coated door

    Other Specifications / Features:
                Digital Temperature Display
                Built-in alarm device
                Bacteria resistant
                Programmable temperature setting
                Built-in back up battery
                Built-in voltage regulator

A very good installation process should also be considered.  Do not forget to consider the available voltage in your place in choosing the unit.  Users and team members should be trained properly not only on how to use the unit or units but also on the appropriate care.

Various brands and models of laboratory refrigerator in competitive prices are readily available in the market.  Always remember to choose the one that suits your requirement. Various features are available from different brands and models. Seek the one that would give value to your money.  Remember that expensive items are not always the best.  Just be smart in choosing the best one for you.

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